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We are committed to sharing what we have learned through public outreach activities including publications, articles, media interviews and occasional blogging.   

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Improving your Fall /4th Quarter 2018 Fundraising - Drawing on results from our 2018 Fundraising Climate Survey we suggest a few things that NPOs can do in the remaining months of 2018 to increase their fundraising.

Michigan Fundraising Climate Survey – Our firm conducts the only annual study focusing on the specific fundraising challenges facing Michigan institutions and nonprofit organizations. 2018 results are now available.

Charitable Giving Just Got More Expensive for Your Donors… Are you ready? - This paper considers how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is likely to affect giving and fundraising in the coming years and what organizations can do to limit the negative impact on their fundraising.

Michigan Multipliers – Every other year since 1990, we have produced Michigan Multipliers for our friends in economic development. Multipliers is a desk reference that allows developers to quickly guesstimate the county-level jobs impact of their efforts. 

Montgomery's 20 Rules for Successful Fundraising

Montgomery’s 20 Rules for Fundraising Success – Mike recently had occasion to sum-up what he has learned about effective and efficient fundraising over the past 30 years.