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2014: 25 years of service to progressive nonprofit and economic development organizations.
Charitable Giving Just Got More Expensive for Donors... Are You Ready?
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 will change giving and fundraising in profound ways.  Follow the link below to access our best thinking on the likely impact of TCJA and what nonprofits can do to address some of the challenges it creates.  CLICK HERE FOR WHITE PAPER.

Strategic Focus

When all is said and done, everything we do is about helping clients achieve their full potential by functioning strategically rather than reactively. This is true when we work with nonprofit organizations on their fundraising and this is true when we work with communities on their economic and community development efforts. Most importantly, this is true even when we work with clients on the smallest and seemingly most self contained projects. 

Capacity building

We strongly promote doing projects with (rather than for) our clients. That is not always possible, such as when a need is unusually urgent or client staff is fully committed to other tasks. Nonetheless, it is our preference. We think that clients are better served by this approach because it helps staff to gain skills, and the organization to build capacity that will benefit the client long after our engagement is over.

Advancing understanding

We periodically conduct research to produce helpful knowledge and tools for our colleagues. These include the new annual Fundraising Conditions Survey for our fundraising colleagues and the longstanding Michigan Multipliers series for our friends in economic and community development.

Sharing what we learn

We are an open book. We don’t claim to have a proprietary method, special access, or any kind of “secret formula” for success in either of our lines of business. Rather, we share what we’ve learned over the years through frequent teaching, publishing and conference presentations (for access to this material, see the “Resources” and “Fundraising Notes” pages of our website). BTW... we have recently had new pieces in our local business weekly (link here) and the online edition of a business monthly (link here).

Let us help you

If a little knowledge is all you need today, we truly hope you find it here. But, we hope you remember where you found that knowledge and come back when you really do need outside assistance.

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Michael J. Montgomery