Montgomery Consulting
2014: 25 years of service to progressive nonprofit and economic development organizations.


We are committed to sharing what we've learned through frequent teaching, conference presentations and writing.  Opportunities to attend upcoming training sessions as well as some publications and past presentations appear below.
A simple, free Prospect/Donor "tracking sheet"
In a recent online discussion, I offered people access to an Excel-based tracking sheet suitable for general fundraising use or (with some rephrasing of section headings) for grant or sponsorship seeking.  It is from the "Toolbox" section of a book draft I'm working on. This may not be a great tool, but it is a free tool - assuming you have Excel on your machine to make it run. Tracking Sheet Here.  

Fundraising Case Outline -- A simple outline for helping users to pull together a basic fundraising case statement for their project or organization.  Click Here for Access.

Recent Publications and Presentations 

NOTE: In some web browsers, some of the material below may come up as buttons in the lower left of your screen and need to be double clicked before they will open.

Corporate and Business Giving -- The slides from a new presentation, "Maximizing Corporate and Business Support," are now available.  These are from a recent conference at which we demo'd the first 2-hours of a day-long workshop on how to increase corporate and business support of your organization. Registration will open soon for summer and fall sessions of this new program.  For access to the slides from the 2-hour program, Click Here

Your Board's Role in Advocacy and Fundraising (webinar) In February 2012, Mike did a webinar for MPCA on the critical role of organization boards in advocacy and fundraising efforts.  His session kicked off a new series of online education opportunities that MPCA will offer its members. The webinar was recorded and this link takes you to where it is located on MPCA's website.  

Campaign Planning
-- Considering launching a new fundraising campaign?  Take a look at our checklist to get a sense of what you will need to do to organize, launch and conduct early giving. Follow the link at right to a .pdf of our Campaign Checklist. 

Annual Fund -- If you are looking to begin or make changes in an annual appeal, take a look at our checklist for some things you might want to consider.  For access to our Annual Fund Checklist, click here. 

Cause Related Marketing -- Although the best-known cause related marketing efforts (like ProjectRED) tend to be large, complex and national, your organization can begin moving toward its own small, simple and local effort using our Cause Related Marketing Basics presentation.

Planned Giving -- Planned Giving does not need to be complex. Many, if not most, organizations could successfully implement a basic Planned Giving program using our "recipe" that that was originally presented as a part of the 2011 AFP-Detroit/Leave a Legacy of Southeast Michigan Development Day program.  Follow this link to our recipe for creating a simple Planned Giving program. 

Grant Strategy -- Our white paper on the "restricted offset to operations" (ROTO) strategy for making grant seeking more helpful to your organization's bottom line is available here.

Fundraising Explained with Infographics:  Sponsorship, Peer Solicitation, Donor Motivations

Community and Economic Development Resources

Michigan Multipliers, 2016  -- Follow the link below to the most recent edition of Michigan Multipliers.  Biennial tool for economic developers provides county-level multipliers with which to estimate of the total jobs impact of changing employment levels in the basic sector of the local economy. Click Here for Access to Michigan Multipliers.

Fundraising for Community/Economic Development Organizations -- For many groups working to create better futures for their communities, fundraising is a growing challenge.  
A recent presentation on Community/Economic Development Agency fundraising appears here.