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2014: 25 years of service to progressive nonprofit and economic development organizations.
Fundraising Notes

Phooey on the Traditional Feasibility Study! -- After seeing several recent posts in different contexts asserting that organizations contemplating major new fundraising efforts must always conduct feasibility studies, I just couldn't keep quiet any longer.  Follow the link here for more on this topic.

2016 Michigan Fundraising Climate Survey -- SUMMARY RESULTS HERE  Full Report Here

14 Michigan Fundraising Climate Survey  -- On Monday, April 13, 2014 we released the results of our 2014 fundraising climate survey.  That year's 

survey showed continued improvement in Michigan’s general fundraising climate.  

Click here for access to the press release on the 2014 survey. 

2013 Michigan Fundraising Conditions Survey -- 
Links below will take you to:

initial report on the 2013 survey and data supplement for that report.

MLive article on this year's survey.

A podcast of the Wednesday 4/3/13 edition of Michigan Radio's
Stateside program.

Results from the 2012 Michigan Fundraising Conditions Study 
Follow the links immediately below for access to the full report text (including detailed results by type, location and size of organization) as well as the slides used at the presentation event.  A summary of our finding appears here. Click here for the full report and here for an MLive article on our 2012 survey.

It's time for renewed focus on fundraising
 -- Crain's Detroit Business (June 10, 2012) -- Julie and Mike revisited the 2012 Fundraising Conditions Survey data and noted an unfortunate tendency on the part of the groups surveyed to shy away from some of the fundraising techniques most closely associated with successful major gifts fundraising.  Link to the article.

As economy improves, nonprofits will still feel the pinch -In early January, Mike Montgomery had a guest commentary in the Detroit Free Press that analyzed the "new normal" for fundraising.  To see the article, click here.