Montgomery Consulting
2014: 25 years of service to progressive nonprofit and economic development organizations.

Economic and Community Development Services

Since 1989, Montgomery Consulting, Inc. has helped local units of government as well as community development and economic development agencies to make their communities better places in which to live, work and do business.

Michigan Multipliers 2015/16 CLICK HERE
Our current set of county-level spin-off jobs estimators for Michigan's 83 counties.

Agency and Project Fundraising - The firm works with community and economic development agency clients to get their projects funded with primary emphasis on grant-seeking and keeping their agencies operations funded from a wider variety of sources. Services in this area overlap heavily with those described in the "Fundraising Services" tab. For more detail on specific services, please look there.

Strategic and Business Planning - We help clients plan for their futures through both consensus-oriented meeting facilitation and more technical approaches to strategic and business planning.

Economic Analysis - Since the very beginning of the firm, we have created economic analyses to identify local economic opportunities and challenges. Our work has been used to inform the creation of state, regional, county and local economic development strategies. 

Economic and Fiscal Impact Studies -- We have recently been doing more economic impact studies to help local communities make better decisions on economic development incentive use.  We can also extend the analysis beyond a project's jobs and payroll impact to also look at its likely impact on local government revenues before and after any incentives are applied.  Using the RIMS II model for the basic analysis, we generate solid, professional analyses for the typical project on short notice and at very reasonable cost. 

Michigan Multipliers
- Since 1992, we have published
 Michigan Multipliers that provides county-level jobs multipliers with which to estimate the spin-off impact of gaining or losing economic base jobs in any of Michigan's 83 counties.  Look for the next issue in early 2013.

Project and Program Evaluation - We help clients design and implement evaluation components for their grant-funded projects and conduct 3rd party evaluations on behalf of grantors.  This aspect of our work has included evaluating grants made by local funders as well as assessing the local impact of a major national initiative for a federal agency. 

Feasibility Studies - We help clients explore the financial viability of proposed projects. This has included testing the reasonableness of developers' assumptions about construction funding and operating revenues. We have specific expertise in evaluating claims made with regard to lease rates, occupancy levels, earned income from operations, tax credit availability and likely levels of grant funding from public and private sources. 

Board Training and Cultural Change 
- In addition to facilitating group processes for goal-setting and planning, we work with client boards and/or individual board members to help them gain relevant skills (such as fundraising, conflict resolution, or consensus-building), build confidence and become more fully engaged in the life and work of the agencies they help oversee.