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2014: 25 years of service to progressive nonprofit and economic development organizations.
Services for Donors: Getting more value from your giving
TRYING SOMETHING NEW... I was recently interviewed about Donor School on The Leadership Focus Radio Show with Lisa Pasbjerg.  To find the recorded interview, follow this link.

 Montgomery Consulting offers training and consulting services for corporate, foundation and individual donors.   This practice builds upon Mike Montgomery's experience designing grant and giving policies; helping organizations administer their giving; and evaluating grant-funded programs.  

Donor School is the banner behind which the firm offers both short entertaining training sessions and more intensive half-day workshops for donors. Current Donor School offerings focus on business givers but sessions for individual donors and those contemplating establishing foundations are also planned 

Donor School: More Effective Business Giving is an entertaining, 45-minute presentation (including audience questions)  on the basics of effective business giving.  This program uses humor (not to mention PowerPoint slides) to introduce attendees to 12 simple actions they can take to assure their company gets more benefit from its charitable giving.  This presentation has been specifically designed to serve as the program for breakfast or lunch meetings such as might be conducted by a Chamber of Commerce or other business group.  We typically present this program for a fixed fee plus expenses.

Donor School: More Effective Business Giving Workshop is an intensive, half-day workshop session that takes attendees through the ins and outs of setting up and administering a company giving program that meets both community and company needs. The workshop uses extensive supporting materials including slides and a workbook with forms designed to help users clarify their objectives for giving and develop an effective giving budget, policy and process.  The workshop is typically offered to organizations on a fee and expenses basis.  

A recent
Corp! magazine article drawing on Donor School: More Effective Business Giving appears here.

 -- In addition to offering long and short-form training, we also work with directly with particular donors  of all types (Business/Corporate, Foundation, Individuals) to help them improve the effectiveness of their giving.  Work in this areas has included everything from one-on-one coaching to designing a new giving mission for a local foundation (and helping administer it for nearly a decade) to assessing the progress of a very large/complex initiative for its primary government supporter.  Consulting and coaching services are offered on a project or retained basis.